LNJN NICFS Nominations Invited

Calling of Nomination for 99th Course on Risk Mitigation through Forensic Document Examination from 02-06 March, 2020 – reg NEW  
Calling of Nomination for 2nd Course on Emerging Trends in Plastic Card Frauds & their Detection from 30-31 January, 2020 – reg NEW  
Nomination for Course on Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases-Wireless Regarding (04/12/2019) 
Nomination for Training Courses on Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases Scheduled during September 2019 to February 2020 
Nomination for four courses on Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases – regarding
Calling of Nominations of various courses to be organised during January to March, 2020 NEW  
Calling of Nomination for Course on Cyber Forensics from 20-24 January, 2020 NEW   
Calling of Nomination for  “Two-Day workshop on Emerging Challenges in different disciplines of Forensic Science, impact  on Criminal Justice and Wayout”- reg.  
3rd Workshop on Organised Crime for the rank of Higher Judicial Service Officers, SP/DCP and Above & Prosecution Officials 04-06 November,2019.  
Calling of Nomination for 11th Course on Victimology and victim justice from 03-05 February, 2020 NEW.  
 Information regarding rescheduled courses : 
a) Course on Forensic Evidence in Human Trafficking rescheduled from 12-14 March 2020.
b) Course on Management of Criminal Behaviour rescheduled from 14-18 October 2019.
c) Two-Day Workshop on Emerging Challenges in Forensic Chemistry rescheduled from 18/10/19 to 19/10/2019