LNJN NICFS Nominations Invited

Calling of Nomination for 99th Course on Risk Mitigation through Forensic Document Examination from 02-06 March, 2020 – reg NEW  
Calling of Nomination for training Course scheduled during April to June, 2020 – reg NEW  
Nomination for Course on Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases-Wireless Regarding (04/12/2019) 
Nomination for Training Courses on Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases Scheduled during September 2019 to February 2020 
Nomination for four courses on Forensic Examination in Sexual Assault Cases – regarding
Calling of Nominations of various courses to be organised during January to March, 2020 NEW  
Calling of Nomination for Course on Need for Smart Policing in Changing Scenario of Crime and Society from 02-04 March,2020 NEW   
Calling of Nomination for the Induction course in Forensic Science from 24/02/2020 to 06/03/2020 (NEW)  
3rd Workshop on Organised Crime for the rank of Higher Judicial Service Officers, SP/DCP and Above & Prosecution Officials 04-06 November,2019.  
Calling of Nomination for 11th Course on Victimology and victim justice from 03-05 February, 2020 NEW.  
 Information regarding rescheduled courses : 
a) Course on Forensic Evidence in Human Trafficking rescheduled from 12-14 March 2020.
b) Course on Management of Criminal Behaviour rescheduled from 14-18 October 2019.
c) Two-Day Workshop on Emerging Challenges in Forensic Chemistry rescheduled from 18/10/19 to 19/10/2019