Library Timings  |  Library Rules  |  List of Journals/Magazines/ Newspapers subscribed by the library

Library Timings

  • The Library shall function during under mentioned hours. However, on week days lending/ return of Books, etc. will be done during 1030 – 1800 Hrs. only.
1000 – 1900 Hrs.
1000 – 1830 Hrs.
1000 – 1900 Hrs.
1000 – 1830 Hrs.
1000 – 1700 Hrs.
1000 – 1700 Hrs.
1000 – 1700 Hrs.
* Library remains closed on second Saturday of every month and all Central Government holidays in Delhi
£ There shall be no lending/return from 01 to 15 June every year due to stock taking.


  • The borrowing entitlement from NICFS library shall be restricted as below. These categories will also be authorized to use Library Reading Room.
Maximum Lending
Duration of Loan
Faculty members
10 Books
21 Days
Gazetted Officers, SSAs, Junior Fellows
8 Books
21 Days
Other Staff Members
4 Books
15 Days
NICFS Students
5 Books
7 Days
Trainee Officers
3 Books
For course duration
NICFS Alumni (on security deposit of Rs. 1000 per book)
Max. 3 Books
2 Weeks
Inter Library Loan
The Institute Library is the Institutional Member of following Libraries:-

b. American Centre Library
c. British Council Library
Member of NICFS Library can borrow Books from these libraries for limited period after submitting the requisition to the Librarian.

Reprography Service
Photocopying Journal/ Encyclopaedias is strictly prohibited. However, students can take photocopies of important library material by bringing their own paper provided it does not violate Copyright Act. Use of photocopies will be allowed if the same is not required for official purposes.
Rules governing use of Library
Inter-Library Loan
  1. Non members who are permitted to use Library will have to record their name, address and time of arrival and put their signature in the Register kept at the Counter.
  2. Personal belongings (other than Laptops and Notebooks) are not allowed in the Library and are to be left in the property shelf outside the Library. Users are advised not to leave valuable things at the property shelf, as the Institute accepts no responsibility for loss of personal property.
  3. Mobiles phones must be switched off or kept in silent mode in the Library.
  4. Books, journals, etc. taken from the shelves for reading should be left on the tables after use and must NOT be replaced on the shelves. All books/ journals and other library materials are to be used with care.
  5. At the time of leaving library, users must show at library counter all books, folders, papers, etc. in their possession whether these belong to the library or not. Users may also be required to open for inspection any receptacle being carried out of the library.
  6. Any conversation, discussion, Group Study, Smoking, eating, drinking (except water) sleeping is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  7. The use of computers and Internet in the library is permitted for educational purposes only. Accessing unauthorized sites, playing games, chatting etc. are strictly prohibited. Library users should not change any setting on the computers provided in the library.
  8. NICFS students are issued Library Card valid for each session against which he/she can borrow books as per entitlement.
  9. Magazine, Journals, Newspaper, Audio Video, CD/DVD and Reference Books will not be issued categories 4, 5 and 6.
  10. There is no provision for renewal of books borrowed. However, books may be reissued once if not required by other members. Borrowing rights will remain suspended if any book is overdue.
  11. Overdue books involve penalty of Rs. 5 per book/ per day to be deposited with cashier against bill to be given by Librarian.
  12. Any damage noticed in the book being borrowed must be brought to the notice of the Librarian otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for the damage noticed at the time of return. Books damaged or lost will have to be replaced with the latest edition of the same book in same binding, otherwise price as per latest edition alongwith a fine Rs.500/- will have to be paid to cashier and copy of the receipt given to Library.
  13. Dog-earing, marking or underlining the pages of publications or cutting pages, illustrations, advertisements or damaging the publications in any way is strictly prohibited. The defaulters will not only be required to pay the cost and penalty for such offences but may be denied library facility besides suitable action against him/her.
  14. The Library staff can ask a user to leave the premises if found violating any Library Rule. There should be no argument in Library. Appeal lies with DIG (Admn).
LNJNNICFS Telephone Numbers : 011- 27717687, 011- 27521091, 011- 2751416, 011- 27511580, 011- 27511578,                                                              011- 27525083, Extn.(Library): 230
Fax No. : 011- 27510586
Contact person:  Sh. Nikunj Kumar (A.L.I.O)