The power and duties of its officers and employees:

  1. NICFS is headed by Director. Director of the Institute is declared as ‘Head of Department’ under Schedule I of Delegation of Financial Power Rules(DFPR).
  2. The Institute disposes its business allotted to it in accordance with the authority, responsibility and obligations as defined in the Government of India (Transaction of Business) Rules. Formulation, execution and review of policies in relation to business allotted to this Department as per Government of India Notification No. 4/20/70-F(P)-II/ICFS/G.P.A.-I Dated 25th September, 1976 is taken up with the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  3. The powers of the officers and the employees are derived from the various Government rules, instructions, executive orders etc. issued by the Government from time to time.
  4. The officers and employees of this Institute exercise powers and perform duties as delegated to them by various Government Departments such as Department of Personnel, Ministry of Finance and nodal department i.e. Ministry of Home Affairs.